Autumn is coming, now what?


The peppercorns are hitting the supermarkets again, the weather is getting rainier, the leaves are falling from the trees, and it is getting darker outside faster. The holidays are slowly approaching, which means more frequent family gatherings. It is fun to put a modern twist on how poems used to be given to children. To give an impression that it is real, you can get a sinterklaas nummer WhatsApp and show it. When you get a message in from a fictional character, it makes your story even stronger. Your kids will be immensely surprised at how the saint takes time off to send a text message.

The holidays are for togetherness

Not only are you meant to be together during the holidays, but also grateful for the precious moments you have with loved ones. You are inside more often because the weather outside is colder, and you enjoy a good meal together inside in front of a fire or the stove. It brings back the real, close feeling when you are with everyone you love and can be warm. Not only is it a nice feeling, but it also strengthens the bond you have with your family members, friends or partner when you spend time together. It is a good time to catch up on the past year, play games, drink wine and test who can cook best. Then, when you have all made it through the holidays together, the new year approaches, a fresh start with fresh beginnings. 

A hopeful new year

Everyone knows it, you have good intentions that everyone sticks to for maybe a month. But, of course, there are always outliers who manage to pull it off. It often helps with resolutions if you pick one you want to stick to. For example, you want to try to go to the gym every week. Then do this, if you choose to focus more on yourself and say no more often, you can also make this happen by not thinking too much and just doing it. You can want all sorts of things this way, but if you take on too many burdens it can get complicated. Too many challenges can be overwhelming, and you can't see the forest for the trees. This is why it is important to prioritise and choose well. And think more about sending a secret sinterklaas nummer Whatsapp for a fun surprise.